Fact to speak: the area of ​​gambling in Indonesia is quite gloomy. Whereas from the sono, millions of Indonesians like to gamble. Even since the time of kings of old. Gambling games belong to the people and the palace. Now (officially since 1974) gambling is prohibited. However, wait a minute. There is internet. You can gamble in the virtual realm, you know. Gambling via casinos on the internet has many advantages over classic casinos. There is a physical building.

It is said that there are five great advantages that are essential to the success of an online casino:

  1. A larger selection of game variants.
  2. All games are available all the time.
  3. The percentage of chances of winning and payouts is quite good.
  4. No restrictions, safe all the time.
  5. You can play from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. 

Top online gambling sites in Indonesia – Film Daily

Well, the title „Famous Casino Games in Indonesia“ is more accurate if the word “in” is replaced ”by”. Why? The physical existence of casinos is not possible throughout the archipelago. Officially banned since 1974. Why don’t you just go online? Not only are there more games on the internet, they are also available all the time. Gambling players from all over the world can play with one provider. Apart from that online casinos can also offer much better winning odds.

Fortunately, the +62 netizen is smart and smart to find and open roads. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular casino games for the people of the archipelago. 

Roulette Online

Roulette is the mother of all casino games. Roulette is perhaps the oldest casino game that is still offered in every casino today and is still very popular. Online means that you have the advantage that apart from the standard (French style) roulette that is commonly played, there are many variants of the game available. These game variants offer a wide variety of variations with new game modes. Just look at it like Pinball Roulette. You can even winjackpots in Age of the Gods Roulette at trusted online casino singapore!

Online Slot Machines Slot

machines are by far the most played games in casinos. Online means that you have not only a much greater choice of online locations, but also a better chance of winning. Apart from that the jackpot is considerably big and you can even try for free beforehand. At the same time, enjoy the thousands of choices in the library of online slot machines (such as those provided by Novoline or Merkur casinos). Find and play the games you really care about.

Advantages of Official Online Slot Gambling Sites in IndonesiaOnline Blackjack

There are tons of it available on the Internet at thousands of serious (non-fake) casinos. Blackjack also has a much better selection of games on the Internet. If you want to play blackjack to earn money, play at an online casino. In addition, like roulette, you can play with real bookies on the internet, which is entertainment value. Please look for the best casino first according to reviews from previous players. 

Casino Poker

In casino poker you gamble against the bookie (the online casino bank). The rules of the game of this casino game are very different. Take a moment to read first before playing. In the end it’s always about how you got a better card than the bookie. The great thing about casino poker is that your winnings depend on the strength of your hand. Experience is crucial to be able to win. Advice: don’t play with the money you need for other purposes. Always play within the limits of the money that is provided maximally for that.


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